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The TL Collective

Maiah Manser

Written by Maiah Manser

Produced by Buddy Ross, Kyle McCammon, + Caleb Shreve

Choreography: Micaela Taylor

Dancers: Micaela Taylor + Jamal Wade

"it is inevitable tone impacted by the devastation in our world. yet because I'm breathing I still have hope, if otherwise, why live..."- Micaela Taylor

Choreography/ Director: Micaela Taylor
Cast: Emara Neymour, Santiago Villarreal, Matt Luck, Micaela Taylor
Wardrobe: Yf_Lvr Gianna Todisco
Film/Edit: Nathan Kim

Music: Flume

Local Natives
Tap Dancer


Directed & Produced by Jonathan Chu

Choreography: Micaela Taylor

Directed & Produced by Andre Bato

Choreography: Micaela Taylor

Dancers: Genna Moroni, Gianna Todisco, Stephanie Dai, Maddi Burg, Camilla Alvarez, and Natalie Leibert

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